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Philip Thomas Gompf

August 5, 1999 to August 19, 2009

Philip was as passionate about understanding the way things work as he was about his family. He loved to work with his hands, building things & taking them apart, as he did with Dad's old circuit boards. He loved illusions. He loved to read and had many books. His favorites where an autobiography of Harry Houdini, "Ripley's Believe It or Not",  “How Science Works”, “Atlas of the Universe”, and a “Pocket Guide to Insects” that he was cataloguing from in a notebook. His teacher once gave him a certificate for "Perseverance," because he never gave up trying—and sometimes he wouldn't give in. I once told him I knew he would do great things. He aimed to be a scientist or an engineer.

Philip loved to write and had a wonderful writing voice. He was goofy and had a dry wit that made us laugh. He enjoyed fishing and hitting golf balls with Grandpa. He loved our littlest dog, Sissy, who cuddled at his feet at night. He called her a "little sweetheart". He loved the Beatles and Disney's Fantasia, Holst's The Planets and Monty Python movies. And especially chocolate.

We donated his organs to LifeLink, and his kidneys saved two ladies from dialysis. Philip would have been so very happy about that.

-S. Gompf MD

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